STAEDTLER 127 NC12 Noris Clubr triangular-shaped coloured pencil

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Now with A·B·S!

  • Standard-sized triangular coloured pencil for all age groups
  • The white A·B·S coating protects the lead which makes the pen up to 30 % stronger
  • The pencil's ergonomic triangular design fosters the correct grip for fatigue-free, effortless writing, drawing and colouring
  • With name field
  • Easy to sharpen with any quality sharpener, e.g. our STAEDTLER Noris Club tub sharpener 512 128
  • The pencils conform to EN 71
  • 13 brilliant colours available individually or up to 24 colours available in sets of 6, 12 or 24 colours
Colours and colour codes
Perfect ergonomics

The superb ergonomics of the triangular shape with its rounded edges fosters the correct grip for thumb, index and middle fingers, meaning that the hand stays relaxed whilst writing and drawing.

This guarantees a pleasant, effortless feeling when writing and drawing with pencils and coloured pencils at school, at work or at home.
The comfortable writing feeling ensures optimal comfort even when writing or colouring for longer periods of time.


Unique worldwide: The Anti-Break-System

There is a now a system for ensuring maximum break resistance:
The STAEDTLER Anti-Break-System, or A·B·S for short.

The idea: the brilliantly coloured high quality lead core in our coloured pencils with A·B·S is surrounded by an innovative white protective coating.
It is so hard and robust, that it makes the coloured lead up to 50% more break resistant and the pencil up to 30% stronger.

efficient for ecology - STAEDTLER® acts ecologically and efficiently at the same time!

Efficient and environmentally safe - that's the idea!

  • A·B·S - the white protective coating reinforces the lead core and increases break-resistance which increases the pencils' service life

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